12 principles review

Squash and stretch Anticipate exaggerate pose to pose from person to banana, 2 key frames for both posses. Arc overlapping action secondary action slow in slow out timing Stage Appeal   solid drawing I don’t understand, but it is a character design.

12 principles of Animation

1. They are used as a guideline to what makes up a good animation. 2. Walt disney wanted any action to be exaggerated, but not too realistic.  Tex Avery created rotoscoped type animatics and used pose to pose in some of his cartoons. 3. Squash and stretch add fluid movement and character to the animation….

Final exam spring 2019

In the end I created a rather simplistic design of a ball bouncing in a room. I redid the design of what was shown before the final because that seemed like an easy way to do it. I wasn’t really thinking creatively, I just wanted to get it done the right way. So I made…

Final Render of Bowling Animation

For this Animation I created most of the environment and animated most of the props used. I textered most of the items in view of the camera. I also created the final render in after effects. The animation ends at 7 seconds, the render left extra seconds and I didn’t really want to mess with…