Sad pig animation

For my final animation I created a pig that is down on his luck. So he goes traveling, and sees a soda machine. Sadly he does not receive the soda.

Pepsi rig 9-26

In the end i created another add to show off the pepsiman bending and moving his limbs. This time I never had trouble with the rig, just duplicating figures. I think I didn’t combine it correctly, cant really be sure because the faces of the other creatures keep bending in a weird way.

Pepsi rig 9-24

So far I decided to redo the commercial and make it longer. In this one, i attempt to show how his legs and hands move. I added the 3 other figures to highlight what the design looked like in the past. Like times I stretched or compressed the figure.

Pepsi Commercial

The finished commercial is a masterpiece for all the years to come. So far to finish the ad I added a song and text to prove that its mine. The hardest part of this project was weight painting the Pepsi man. The blue shoulder was the hardest to look realistic. Its straight, just not proportional…

Animated rig

UsingĀ  my rig i fully animated a short ad on Youtube. This involved me setting up the scene, camera, and where each object must be placed. So far I liked the way it came out, except for the left arm. It has a habit of always sticking to the sides or just tearing itself to…

pepsiman fully rigged

Got him to move down a street all casual like. By weight painting most of his torso I fixed his shoulder issues. More work needs to be done with his elbow, so I will fix that in the future.

Charter rigging

Now I have begun rigging this masterpiece I have created.